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Singapore, May 02, 2016

Introducing Smilegummi Sour & Minis

Introducing Smilegummi Sour & Minis - The fun fruit gums with vitamins, in many delicious flavours ...


Nimm2 Smilegummi - The fun fruit gums, made with fruit juice and vitamins, that come in many delicious flavors. Create your own Smilegummi friend with the fruit shapes – lemon heads, raspberry eyes, orange mouths – and have tons of fun!


Introducing Smilegummi Sour and Minis from nimm2! Smilegummi Sour is equally cheerful and fun, but also incredibly sour. Smilegummi Minis are slightly smaller, and packed into handy little sachets. Perfect for bringing on the go, giving away, and packing in your little one’s lunch box as a yummy treat!

nimm2 Smilegummi - Vitamins and Sweets.

Now available in Singapore and Hong Kong.