All you need is one good RIESEN.
All you need is one good RIESEN.

The first branded candy

RIESEN was Germany's very first candy brand. RIESEN fans all over the world still love the particularly intensive chocolaty taste. The secret lies in the rich caramel filling, which is enrobed by a thick layer of dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate on the outside, rich chocolate caramel on the inside – a particularly long-lasting chewy treat. The inimitable, intensively chocolaty taste is due to the special blend of selected Gavoa cocoa beans.

From "Storck's 1 Penny RIESEN" to today: the history of Germany's first candy brand.
From "Storck's 1 Penny RIESEN" to today: the history of Germany's first candy brand.


RIESEN worldwide

RIESEN is still as successful today and now available in more than 50 countries.

RIESEN 2015: RIESEN worldwide


Just try it!

A new look for even more taste: RIESEN was given a new, modern packaging design in 1999. Thanks to intensive product research, the new RIESEN provided an even more intensive taste experience and became even more chocolaty. The advertising campaign said it all: "Just try it!"

RIESEN 1999: Just try it!


RIESEN Chocolate Chew

RIESEN's success continued: together, chocolate and the basic idea of an extra long-lasting chewy treat resulted in the RIESEN Chocolate Chew – which became extremely popular..

RIESEN 1996: RIESEN Chocolate Chew


Simply SUPER

Even bigger and better: RIESEN became SUPER RIESEN. As an additional purchasing incentive, each pack featured a "Schleck" cartoon and football tips from German football icon Helmut Haller.

RIESEN 1974: Simply SUPER


1 Penny, 2 Penny

The successful product was renamed into "2 Penny RIESEN" and was now also available in different flavors, eg. chocolate caramel.

RIESEN 1949: 1 Penny, 2 Penny


RIESEN – a huge story

Early, earliest, Storck: Germany's first candy brand was created in 1934: "Storck 1 Penny RIESEN", individually wrapped and initially a caramel candy.

RIESEN 1934: RIESEN - a huge story