Working for Storck

At Storck, everything is about one thing only, and at all times: we create joy. Our employees are the basis for what has made Storck special for more than 100 years. We are therefore always looking for people with a wide range of different skills who share our passion and will grow with us; people who want to experience the advantages of working for an owner-managed family business.

Welcome to Storck!
Our Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture rests on traditions established in the course of more than 100 years as an owner-managed company. Today, we are a globally active family business with 22 international subsidiaries. One major reason for our ongoing success: our employees are authentic people who reflect our passion in their everyday working lives, and communicate it to others.

Our Leadership Values

Performance - passion - sense of belonging – these three qualities guide Storck’s leadership values. In keeping with these values, we expect a high level of dedication from our staff, and repay them with outstanding support and encouragement. Every day, our managers put their heart and soul into what they do, which wins them the enthusiastic support of their teams. They demonstrate excellent cooperation and create an inspiring working atmosphere, because we know: Storck can only maintain its continued success in collaboration with all of our employees.

Our Employees

All Storck employees do their utmost to ensure a relaxed and friendly working atmosphere. That is why we select our new colleagues very carefully. Their soft skills are as important to us as their professional qualifications. You are right for us if you can demonstrate outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and team spirit, as the successful cooperation of many different people with totally different skills and personalities is what makes us so special.

To help our staff with their professional development in the best way we possibly can, we offer individual support as we always aim to fill management vacancies with people who are already working for us.

Storck, that's who we are!

There are a lot of good reasons

to work at Storck:

Over a hundred years ago, August Storck founded the "Werthersche Zuckerwarenfabrik" and later introduced the first brand-name candy, the "1-Pfennig-Riesen", to the German market. Today, our internationally active Storck Group counts among the most important companies in the confectionery industry. With three German production facilities, in Berlin, Ohrdruf and Halle, and 18 international sales organizations, Storck employs over 5,000 people. One thing hasn’t changed since 1903, though: Storck remains an owner-run family company, and remains true to its core values of quality, reliability and community.

Lea T.

Regional Marketing Director

"The best reasons to work at Storck? - The great brands and all the people who make them – with passion, dedication and loyalty.
I have not experienced the same level of personal involvement and “family feeling” in any other company."

Julia S.

Regional Manager North Asia

"For me “Working at Storck” means being surrounded by my favourite childhood brands which have guided me over many years, no matter where my studies in Europe took me.
Today I am excited to help launch and strengthen these brands in new markets in Asia and Latin America.
Cultures and consumption habits may differ greatly from what we know from Europe, but the taste of great chocolates and candies makes everybody happy."

Elin Y.

Brand Manager

"Besides being able to work on brands which sweeten our daily lives, I personally feel that Storck has continuously provided me with possibilities to expand my knowledge and experiences."

Michael L.

General Manager Asia Pacific

"Storck is a great place to work! Colleagues from all around the world share the same sense of passion and dedication in bringing wonderful brands and products that touch our consumer’s daily lives. The working environment is fun yet professional. I especially value the strong sense of trust and respect that exist among colleagues, which has been cultivated by a family owned culture that has thrived for more than a 100 years!"

Shawna C.


"Storck is a place where happiness begins. Its brands bring smiles to everyone; the young and the young at heart. I enjoy working in an environment that cultivates passion and dedication for the products , team work among colleagues, and personal & professional development."

Gillian P.

Account Manager

"I love being a “Storckie”. Storck has so much fun in it with indulgent confectionery to enjoy and with passionate people to work together! The warm-heartedness of Storck family has drawn me in. Thank you Storck for providing me the wonderful opportunity to develop holistically and empowering me with greater responsibility."